The CrySP RIPPLE Facility is an experimentation platform for research into large-scale privacy enhancing technologies. It is comprised of three systems:

  • PIR system: for research into private information retrieval
  • ACN system: for research into anonymous communications networks
  • CRS system: for research into censorship resistance

In all, there are 1184 CPU cores, 64 GPUs, and over 27 TB of RAM. The largest single machine has 144 cores and 12 TB of RAM.


  • Mar 2018: Our newest machine, with 144 cores and 12 TB of RAM, is up and running!
  • Nov 2013: The CrySP RIPPLE Facility is now ready for production use. It can be booked using the link at the left.
  • Oct 2013: The equipment has started to arrive and is being installed.

Thanks to our funders!

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Ontario Research Fund
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • NetDirect
  • Sandvine